Goddess Kali, an archetype that has been with me a long time

I’ve been drawn to the Goddess Kali archetype for many years. Kali is an archetype of transformation and renewal, following necessary cleansing destruction.

I named my beloved cat Kali first about 22 years ago. She died recently.  I remember her here. sweet

I started using Gianna Kali as a pseudonym many years ago too. Well before the beginning of this blog. I do not imagine that it’s an accident that the archetype has taken such a clear role in my life.

I’m going to share a blog post from Awakening Sacred Flow that you might be introduced to some of the power of Kali.

Have you ever felt the forces of the universe storm through your life breaking the very foundation you thought carried you around? Has Kali or Oya graced your life with destruction of the old to such degree that you no longer recognize the now wild but once conquered landscape of your being?

These are goddesses who cut through the unnecessary garbage in our lives that we dare not release for fears of never reaching our dreams. They infuse us with madness to let go of everything ready to be composted. They are just clearing the way to make us ready for the new. Sometimes painful, sometimes exhilarating, their work clears and creates networks needed for more joy to flow!!

They cut off our heads full of ego trips that keep us in eternal limbo. This is life bringing us to our knees to kiss the earth in gratitude for this precious opportunity to be alive.  They bring our life to ruins so we can start again, destroying our sick foundations to rebuild us.  It’s a fresh start to feel alive, reclaiming our true nature hiding behind false temples. Now these false temples are rubble on the ground. Let’s just immerse our numb hands in the waters of the Earth and cleanse them of our own poisoning. (read the rest)

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