This is true meditation

I love this quote I post below. I really learned meditation in the last few years when I’ve been isolated at home with this illness. I had practiced on and off for many years but my illness actually started meditating me, so to speak, as I found the only way to cope and learn to heal was to pay attention to my body. That really is all meditation is in the end, paying attention to oneself and  as one does that one comes to better understand and be able to pay attention to all that surrounds us in this amazing universe.

Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life, perhaps the greatest, and one cannot possibly learn it from anybody. That is the beauty of it. It has no technique and therefore no authority. When you learn about yourself, watch yourself, watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy, if you are aware of all that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation. So meditation can take place when you are sitting in a bus or walking in the woods full of light and shadows, or listening to the singing of birds or looking at the face of your wife or child. – Jiddu Krishnamurti, from Freedom from the Known

h/t J.Krishnamurti Online

I wrote about my experience with this sort of understanding about meditation here: Life as a meditation

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