Health care is a human right

Yes, health care is indeed a human right…now lets just transform medicine which is widely corrupted by pHARMa and actually provide care that HEALS and doesn’t depend on creating drug dependent zombies (and I’m not just talking about psychiatry…statins, anti-acids, and a host of other meds are seriously overprescribed and do nothing to HEAL people and often instead HARM while people ignorantly continue living their lives thinking they’ve taken care of the problem)…

I can rarely use my insurance because the care I get has been dangerous…iatrogenesis is rampant in conventional medicine! It not only causes deaths but much disability. I and far too many people I know and love have also been harmed.

Because medical care is now dangerous for me, (and I am sadly not alone in this predicament either) I am instead forced to get care by providers who generally cannot accept insurance, (those who understand the dangers of conventional medicine are rarely covered by insurance plans)…and I’m not alone in this…those of us who understand how SICK medicine is are out in the cold on this one…unless we get in a catastrophic accident or truly need surgery (most surgery, too, is unnecessary) …a couple of the few times conventional medicine is something I’d opt for voluntarily.

I’m glad that the beginning of legal recognition of the right to health care has begun. Now the medical establishment just needs a complete overhaul so that it might teach people how to heal themselves rather than medicate them for a large percentage of what ills them these days.

I recognize that there are some things that conventional medicine does very well. I recognize that we all need this care on occasion as well. This legislation will certainly legitimately help some people.

The above critical statements are generalizations about the vast majority of health issues that amount to lifestyle and societal illnesses. It is not only MDs who don’t understand this. Our entire consumer driven society is bent on destroying our wellbeing, really, with unwholesome food and the polluting of the planet, etc. It’s really a massive problem.

If you’d like to look at what one solution to the health crisis looks like, for an individual, if not all of society, which is a much more complex issue, you can begin here: 9 Steps to perfect health

One of the most glaring mistakes conventional medicine makes is to assume that all of these modern diseases – diabetes, heart disease, depression, autoimmune disease, etc. – are unrelated conditions that don’t share a common cause. This is a convenient fiction created by the pharmaceutical industry (and perpetuated by the medical establishment) to sell more drugs.

The truth is that while these conditions do have unique features, they all share a common origin: the modern lifestyle. Poor diet, nutrient deficiencies, stress, lack of sleep, lack of or the wrong type of exercise, toxins and medications all directly contribute to the problems that are ruining our health.

The conventional approach is to treat each of these various problems with different drug, and ignore the fundamental factors that are at the root of all of them. That has been a stupendously unsuccessful approach. It’s time to replace it with a more holistic view of health, and to empower people to prevent and treat disease without unnecessary drugs or surgery. (continue reading)

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