Childhood trauma once again linked to mental health issues in adulthood

Since I began my work with those labeled mentally ill it’s been clear that trauma plays a large part in the lives of most of those with psychiatric labels. This blog covers this reality again and again. This simple observation that many of us have made and many others want to deny is beginning to be largely supported in the literature and science. We deny it at a cost to everyone in our abusive and traumatic culture. By bringing it to light we might change it. We might also treat the vulnerable who get labeled mentally ill as they are, traumatized people who need gentle loving care. Something not on offer in most psychiatric wards and mental health systems. In fact most people get grossly re-traumatized in such settings.

From BrainBlogger:

Many studies have linked childhood maltreatment and adversity to mental and physical health disorders later in life. Most of the studies have been retrospective in design, which inserts bias into the study and makes the results less conclusive. A new study evaluated both prospectively and retrospectively gathered information about childhood experiences and adult mental health and reports that the association is the same, no matter how the information is ascertained.

The current study, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, used data from the New Zealand Mental Health Survey that was conducted in 2003 and 2004. (continue reading)

The original report of the study in British Journal of Psychiatry: Childhood maltreatment and DSM-IV adult mental disorders: comparison of prospective and retrospective findings

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