Yoga is being researched and supported at the National Institute of Health

The National Institute of Health has released a video on the benefits of yoga. It’s rather exciting that this wonderful system of care for the body/mind and spirit all is being considered by the mainstream. This is a somewhat tentative recommendation but it’s a start and it’s really very good that yoga is being deeply scientifically researched and supported. Also being cautious and aware of your own personal needs is very important and the video underscores that.

Yoga has been my primary source of rehabbing from two years of having been bedridden. It also helps with body/mind connection and healing for my PTSD both iatrogenic (medically and pharma induced) and that which I developed from traumas experienced as a child and young adult. Recently a lovely article on mommy mystic  blog shares how yoga helps with healing sexual trauma and PTSD. See:  Interview with Molly Boeder Harris: Healing Sexual Trauma Through Yoga and Holistic Methods 

See: Gov’t Releases Video Revealing the Science Behind the Health and Treatment Benefits of Yoga

In another post on Beyond Meds I shared about congressman Ryan who also wrote a book on mindfulness: A mindful nation: a US congressman argues for widespread adoption of mindfulness practice. It got lots of media attention.

Holistic wellbeing is catching on.

The more options we have the better likelihood that we can make empowering choices. If doctors have heard of the power of such options they’re more likely to support our choices as well.

My posts on yoga: Yoga on Beyond Meds (includes several beginning routines one can consider doing at home)

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