Trauma and the body: an audio with Will Hall and links to more info

This is a repost of Will Hall’s from 2010 that I’m adding links to and other information regarding trauma and the body. I’m sharing the post again and then adding a collection of links about the topic because I continue to find that our bodies hold trauma and psychological distress in ways that we are just beginning to understand. We are truly holistic beings and our minds and bodies are intricately intertwined. The body, too, must be addressed.

Will’s post and some links I added:

This is a talk I gave at Alternatives in 2006 that addresses “What is trauma?” and how to heal it.

The talk is based on somatic and body awareness oriented therapies, primarily Somatic Experiencing developed by Peter Levine, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy / Hakomi developed by Pat Ogden, and Process Oriented Psychology created by Arnold Mindell.

Two useful books by Levine are Healing Trauma and Waking the Tiger.

More on Beyond Meds about Trauma and the Body:

●  Yoga for Trauma Survivors

●  Trauma, Fixation and Reactivity – (Somatic Experience)

●  The body releases trauma and restores goodness

●  The healing journey revealed (trauma and transformation)

●  Trauma is often held in the body and experienced as chronic pain

●  Trauma release exercises (or tension release too) — the body speaks

●  ”When you put the psyche in motion it heals itself.” (embodiment)

●  Trauma, Brain and Relationship: Helping Children Heal

●  Trauma and the body: an audio with Will Hall and links to more info

●   Yoga also helps with body/mind healing

●   Intergenerational Trauma and Healing

 Inhabiting our bodies in meditation

●  Body-Centered Inquiry


Peter Levine has also written books that have become classics in the field of recovery from trauma.

●  In an Unspoken Voice: How the Body Releases Trauma and Restores Goodness

This is his newest book:

●  Freedom from Pain: Discover Your Body’s Power to Overcome Physical Pain

The gift of healing trauma is wholeness, says Peter Levine.

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