Make your own Kombucha! #foodie Friday

A #foodie Friday post.

Updated NOTE: I discovered I have a histamine intolerance and fermented foods and beverages like Kombucha are out for me now. Boo hoo…I LOVE Kombucha…in any case…enjoy if you’ve not got a histamine issue! I include this updated note for those who also have histamine issues and perhaps learned about the condition from me.

Kombucha is a probiotic beverage that helps repopulate the bacteria in ones gut. It is a potent medicine and a delicious beverage. People who are weak or unhealthy need to drink it carefully and in small amounts. Certainly if you are in active withdrawal syndrome of any kind it may not be appropriate until you are healthier. First you might want to add pro-biotic capsules and/or vegetable ferments as well as changing your diet to help heal your whole system. Adding too many potent pro-biotics too quickly can make you feel sicker if you’re in bad shape. Once one slowly adds beneficial bacteria and starts deeply healing the gut one can experiment with Kombucha too. If you’re healthy you don’t have much to be concerned about but start slowly anyway.

For more info on gut healing and nutrition see: Nutrition and gut health.

Kombucha can be made so that it is both caffeine free (use decaf black or green tea) and sugar free. It’s important for those of us with very sensitive systems to make it both caffeine and sugar free. Directions are below.

I made my mother scoby this way and I’ve had two friends do this now with excellent results.

How to make the probiotic beverage…

Some links to help make your own SCOBY Mother and then your own Kombucha… yum and delicious AND inexpensive!!

The above short video so that you know it’s okay if it looks AWFUL while it’s growing…

Mine took about 5 weeks to get nice and gorgeous like this and it got much uglier before it got pretty:

The recipe to make your own is here (use this brand of store bought kombucha (GT Daves) the orginal unflavored flavor:

And another to compare with:

Make Kombucha

If you’re curious about all the sugar it gets eaten up and you end up with a healthful drink that has no sugar at all…though you can stop the brewing when it’s still sweet for a milder flavor…or go longer for a stronger and (very slightly, as in insignificantly alcohol) flavor

Here are some frequently asked questions about kombucha and here is another source for questions and answers.

You can sign up for her DIY to learn more about brewing and bottling your kombucha and she sends emails for five days.

When you make your own scoby (mother) it will take several weeks though and the resulting liquid is a bit vinegary…you can actually use it as vinegar on salad or whatever…it’s good.

Your next batch should be properly delicious and you end up with a glass of kombucha costing about 12 cents per serving rather than 5 dollars at the store.

Once the batch is done do a second one day ferment when you bottle it before sticking it in the fridge. Add some ginger or fruit (just a couple of small pieces will do) and let it sit out for 24 hours. Make yummy kombucha with many flavors that way. Experiment.

For more info on gut healing and nutrition see: Nutrition and gut health.

**When I make cultured and fermented vegetables I use a Pickl-it Jar for safer anaerobic conditions. It made a very positive difference for me. The pickl-it jar is NOT used for Kombucha but for other fermented foods. Kombucha needs oxygen and should just be covered with a loose cloth. If you start making ferments and Kombucha I do recommend your doing plenty of background research to learn to do it safely. There is quite a lot of contradictory information on the internet (as with all things internet)

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