Immune disorder and inflammation and gut health….implications for many folks total well-being

This article I’m excerpting from below is talking about a topic in reference to that which gets labeled autism, but the subject has implications for anyone with auto-immune issues as well as  many sorts of phenomena that get labeled mental illness. As holistic beings this is with some frequency part of the picture that must be addressed for total well-being.

I’ve been writing about diet and nutrition and healing the gut all with an emphasis on minimizing inflammation and how that is important for many people with psychiatric labels since the inception of this blog.

This information is not new. It’s new to the mainstream. It’s been largely dismissed as “WOO.” But now the New York Times is finally  getting on board. It’s quite interesting to see how these ideas get (tentatively) introduced at these large publications. The fact that the implications here are much larger than they touch on should be noted.

There is much to learn about these issues. It’s fair to say I read these sorts of articles only for clues, not conclusions. That would include the title of the below article. I wouldn’t take it to be final. It seems that many of these manifestations have many causes and people are all different.

An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

It starts with what scientists call immune dysregulation. Ideally, your immune system should operate like an enlightened action hero, meting out inflammation precisely, accurately and with deadly force when necessary, but then quickly returning to a Zen-like calm. Doing so requires an optimal balance of pro- and anti-inflammatory muscle.

In autistic individuals, the immune system fails at this balancing act. Inflammatory signals dominate. Anti-inflammatory ones are inadequate. A state of chronic activation prevails. And the more skewed toward inflammation, the more acute the autistic symptoms. (continue reading)

Again, inflammation is strongly correlated with much dis-ease in our modern bodies. It can manifest with both physical and mental symptoms. Autism is hardly alone in this. All the diet and nutrition protocols I’ve come to follow and create for my own needs operates on this idea: Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet

Also, I eat lots of home made microbes everyday…ferment and culture oodles of food and I take probiotic capsules too.

Here you can look at the results of searching for inflammation on Beyond Meds

It’s pretty clear to me that in some of us psychiatric drugs cause further problems with inflammation since many people don’t encounter chronic pain until they withdraw from such medications. Most people’s pain seems to remit within a couple of years of withdrawal. This is what we tend to see on the withdrawal boards. Granted we need methodological study, but that may never happen. (pain is often associated with inflammation) See: Fibromyalgia and bipolar: it’s the drugs stupid

My favorite health blog that helps me untangle all the info about inflammation and chronic disease is Chris Kresser’s, Medicine for the 21st Century

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