Blood Sugar: Fixing The Problem

A few days ago I posted the first of a series that this woman gives on youtube. This is about solutions to high (or low) blood sugar and diabetes type 2. I do indeed, like she suggests, eat very little carbs. I don’t eat grains at all. Not just because they’re carbs but also because gluten is a problem for me. See the other post from the other day with additional commentary here: Excellent information on blood sugar and how diabetes develops: learn this and get healthy

A very, very large part of these problems are reversible, contrary to what most people think. Dr. Marlene Merritt from the Merritt Wellness Center in Austin, Texas explains what to do to lose that belly fat, get your hormones balanced, get your energy back, and restore your health. Surprise your doctor!

For the rest of the series visit youtube: Blood Sugar series from Merritt Wellness

good snack to keep balanced blood sugar

She doesn’t go into specifics of diet much really. For extensive information on diet that has worked for me look here: Nutrition and gut health Mental health and diet

More posts on this very important topic! – Are You At Risk For Diabetes and Obesity? If you’ve taken or take psychiatric drugs the answer is YES

Remember if you’re still taking psychiatric drugs they work against healing these issues and may make them impossible to heal blood sugar problems and diabetes. Consider finding ways to support your mental health that don’t require psychiatric drugs if at all possible. Minimize their use if you can’t manage to eliminate them. And remember psychiatric drugs may be fine in crisis but they’re often prescribed for far longer than necessary and can ruin our bodies. Seek care-providers that will help you consider how you might minimize their use.

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