Medical Aromatherapy

Medical Aromatherapy as Integrative Healthcare

There are very many health benefits to be gained with the implementation of essential oils from plants into the management of medical diseases.

This presentation, by a board certified anesthesiologist, who is also a clinically certified aromatherapist, using essential oils in the operating room, describes the science of aromatherapy. Current medical journal articles and abstracts are discussed in great detail, including bacterial quorum sensing, biofilms and synergy with antibiotics.

There is real science behind this stuff. The video is a lecture by Dr. James Geiger MD. I don’t know much about this but found it interesting. I have found a couple of aromatherapy essential oil blends quite helpful in my recovery lately which is why I found this video particularly interesting.

I once posted about two studies that showed both Jasmine and Lavender have a real impact on the brain: Studies have shown lavender and jasmine are calming

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