Simple yellow squash with tomatoes: #foodie Friday

Ingredients are minimal in this tasty and easy dish.

4 yellow squash (feel free to use zucchini instead, it’s very similar and equally delicious)
Fresh garlic diced — to tasteI always use a lot
can of whole or diced tomatoes — if you use whole tomatoes as I did here I smashed them one at a time with my hand as I put them into the dish (yeah, I like to get dirty in the kitchen.) I didn’t want there to be lots of extra water/juices in this dish and since the squash lets off lots of water too while cooking, I only put in the tomatoes and not the juices. I saved the juices in the refrigerator to use in something else. Waste not want not. I will only buy BPA free cans these days
Salt to taste
Red chili flakes
Ghee (or butter) to saute, Olive oil for taste
Fresh basil

Browned garlic in ghee or butter, tossed in sliced squash and turned the heat up high. Tossed the squash around on the high heat until it started looking a bit wilted. Crushed the tomatoes one by one into the squash. Kept heat high in order keep the liquids coming out of the veggies evaporating.

Toss in salt and red chili flakes to taste as well as the basil. Off season I use my frozen pesto instead of basil. Top with a drizzle of olive oil to taste.

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