Will Hall Is Honored with 2012 Judi Chamberlin Joy in Advocacy Award

I’m very happy to share the news that Will has been honored for his fine work. Will Hall often contributes and edits Beyond Meds too. He is a close friend and I know very well just how much he deserves this award. These words written by his friend and fellow activist, Oryx Cohen, were read by the presenter when he was given the award:

From Yahoo News:

“As someone who knew Judi and now has the pleasure to work with Will, I can’t think of anybody more deserving of this award.

“Like Will, Judi was more likely to be found at a protest than in a meeting room….Will began his mental health advocacy career by co-founding the Freedom Center, an advocacy and activist group run entirely by and for people with lived experience with mental health issues, trauma (including the trauma inflicted by the mental health system), and extreme states.

“Will is the founder and a facilitator of Portland Hearing Voices, is the host of Madness Radio (which has now registered over 100 shows and is nationally syndicated), and travels around the world speaking and training.

“Like Judi, Will believes that our movement is a human rights movement and that it needs to broaden to include other movements, including the disability movement, gay movement, poverty movement, and prison rights movement, among other movements. Will believes that we need to get ourselves out of our silo because the issues we feel so passionate about affect every human being. It won’t be until we reach more movements that true transformation will be possible.

“Will is not afraid to tackle difficult and/or taboo subjects. His work on hearing voices, coming off psychiatric drugs, and suicidal feelings has been nothing short of revolutionary. I am honored to nominate my colleague and friend Will Hall for this award.” continue reading

Will has an amazing breadth to his talent, equally comfortable in front of the American Psychiatric Association as well as with his peers in protest.  In fact, recently after speaking at the APA he walked outside and joined the protest.

For many more posts that feature Will’s work on this blog go here: Will Hall

His  Harm Reduction Guide To Coming Off Psychiatric Drugs & Withdrawal is a groundbreaking manual that most everyone who decides to free themselves from psychiatric drugs should read.

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