Schizophrenic or shamanic experience?

I really enjoyed listening to this video of  Terrence McKenna speaking about returning to the authentic experience of the body. I recommend you listen to the audio and skip the video. Too much for my iatrogenecally injured brain. Perhaps some of you might like it. I didn’t.

I’m reposting this because it’s really quite wonderful. Below it is a collection of work on this blog that considers that which get labels mental illness from a shamanistic lens.

When it comes to understanding the psyche it’s often helpful to use many different models. The below are other posts on Beyond Meds that deal with it from a shamanic interpretation or similar.

The biggest problem in our society now for those who get diagnosed with any sort of “psychosis,” is that they are most often met by professionals that do not even believe that healing can occur, let alone deep transformative growth. Deep transformative growth, could be the norm, if those claiming to be healers actually knew what was involved in the individuation journey. Meeting the dark underbelly of the psyche as those of us who have been labeled psychotic at one time or another is a calling and an act of heroism. One that is rarely encouraged in society. I might add that it’s to the detriment of all society that we are shut down and often tortured rather than supported.  Many of us are healers trying to be born, just like Malidoma Somé says here: What a Shaman Sees in A Mental Hospital

There are many ways to find healing.

Other links on Beyond Meds that talks about this link with what we moderns call mental illness and shamanism:

the collection:

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