The chill of forced incarceration and psychiatric “care” (otherwise known as gun control??)

So the gun deaths are resulting in forced treatment laws passing…and they’re calling it gun control…

New York’s law also aims to keep guns out of the hands of those will mental illness. The law gives judges the power to require those who pose a threat to themselves or others get outpatient care. The law also requires that when a mental health professional determines a gun owner is likely to do harm, the risk must be reported and the gun removed by law enforcement. (read more)


When you make therapists have to report danger that means no one will feel safe talking about their scary shit…this does not make us safer. It in fact makes us much more at risk…people need to talk about their darkness without fear of being incarcerated and drugged. This is not gun control. Psychiatrists and therapists are being asked to be thought police. It’s always been the case to some degree but this is getting much worse. Imminent death threats have carried a duty to warn since Tarasoff and suicidal intentions that seem imminent are also reportable at this time. The trajectory towards more reporting is dangerous and unhelpful. Many people already feel they can’t openly speak about suicidal thoughts. This makes their situations more risky and dangerous. Not less. There are loving and accepting ways of approaching people at risk.

The distinction between thoughts (fantasies) and action is an important one here. Most people who think horrible thoughts NEVER ACT ON THEM.

You’ve thought horrible thoughts before. We all have. Can you feel the CHILL?

This is disastrous. Now people will absolutely not feel safe seeking help.

More here: Critics: Mentally Ill Patients’ Confidentiality Compromised In New York’s Gun Law

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