A response, with YoungMinds, to ‘My daughter the schizophrenic’ (reblog of the reblog with additional info)

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Below is an important letter in response to ‘My daughter the schizophrenic’ (Guardian Weekend 19.01.13)

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On 19.01.2013 the Guardian’s weekend magazine published a story entitled ‘My daughter the schizophrenic’.  I was previously aware of this little girl as I had seen the documentary ‘Born schizophrenic’.  The documentary gave me sleepless nights.  The article brought them back.  I had to respond and I am thrilled that YoungMinds (@YoungMindsUK) agreed to publish it as a joint statement.  This, for me, indicates that there are many of us, in all sectors fighting for better ways of thinking and talking about young people with psychological difficulties. (Read the rest… 1,086 more words)

It’s worth taking a look at the comments too.
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