Apparently writers with a strong urge to write can be pathologized too

InkpotApparently writers with a strong urge to write can be pathologized too. Hypergraphia …nothing is sacred…

You see how there are those who will try to make some of the finest mysteries of being human wrong or aberrant?

When the lovely and life saving urge to write happens to me I’ve always seen it as the muse visiting. The wondrous nature of creativity is also a mystery. I much prefer my understanding of this wonder that is part of my wiring. I celebrate creativity.

When I’m moved to write, yes, when I must write, that is my favorite way to work…feels deeply connected to me…and inspired…basically I don’t like writing any other way anymore and in fact when I’ve written at the request of others on a topic of their choice I have rarely been satisfied with the outcome in the way I always am when I simply write when I am visited by the muse.

College was a huge bummer. All those assignments coming from outside. Ugh.

The muse directs from the deepest core part of my being. What a joy.

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