I’ve lost 65 lbs now. Cutting out neuro-toxic drugs and concentrating on well-being will do that

good healthI’ve lost 65 lbs now. Cutting out neuro-toxic drugs will do that. I’ve not done anything to lose weight intentionally…my focus has been on healing. So that means I eat whole real food but I do not count calories or control portions…I have simply learned to feed my body what it needs when it needs it. There has been no deprivation dieting involved whatsoever. It’s been a process. The pounds just come off as part of the healing process. It’s taken years but different aspects of healing become apparent even while in others ways I’m still sick. It’s been a fascinating process really…I continue to learn so much about my body/mind/spirit.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWalking has been another really important part of my healing journey. It has in fact been one of my most important measures of recovery. For me it was walking to the mailbox for the first time after having been bedridden for 2 years…then around the block then for short hikes in the woods etc…I’m still having milestones in my walking recovery, but it, for me, is something I must do…and it’s also a pleasure in that every step I take is one out of bed…incredible how much we take for granted before such an acute and long-term illness.

Walking, too is a meditation, I brought meditation into pretty much everything I do. Walking is so deeply restorative when it’s also a meditation.

Other articles on practices and ideas I’ve nurtured in order to bring about healing:

●  Nutrition and gut health, Mental health and diet —  People often dismiss the importance of diet for mental health issues and they use the argument that if psycho-social programs like Soteria and Open Dialogue can heal those with “schizophrenia” it’s not very credible that diet has much to do with it. I find this argument rather lacking since, first of all, we don’t see a 100% recovery rate even in these programs. 15 to 20% remain unwell. What if diet were changed in these folks in addition to offering psycho-social supports? Also, being that we’re holistic beings, more than one thing can be causing dis-ease in our body/mind/spirit. We might find that attending to something psycho-socially gets us back on our feet and functioning, but we don’t feel REALLY good until we attend to diet and exercise etc.. It’s all important and it’s all interlinked.

●  Psych meds & FAT  —  The professionals then insist that all the patient needs to do is exercise. This is the height of hypocrisy, since if exercise had been prescribed BEFORE the drugs they might actually be able to do it! Now, after the drugs, it’s not all that likely that one can sustain an exercise program.

●  Your brain on exercise — It’s hard to understand why the importance and primacy of exercise is so often overlooked and/or buried in the treatment and care of those who suffer from mental distress. It is nothing short of criminal to not make exercise and diet one of the first things that is tended to when people are suffering from that which is most often treated in psychiatry.

●  Yoga: it works! —  Yoga has been an integral part of healing my body/mind/spirit after the assault upon all of them by the long-term use of psych drugs and the subsequent withdrawal.  Yoga helped me regain my strength after 2 years of having been bed-ridden …yeah, it got me back in physical shape. Just as important it strengthens my general sense of well-being and confidence in my capacity to heal. Yoga can be foundational to well-being, in a general and broad sense, and that is why it has so many applications.

●  Meditation collections  — Meditation is the PRACTICE of learning to PAY ATTENTION. That is all.

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