Audios for free download (good for anxiety, insomnia and can assist meditation in general)

Time for relaxation and calm
Time for relaxation and calm

I posted these tracks for download  in a long post on methods to deal with insomnia. You can see that here: Help for insomnia (and psych drug withdrawal triggered sleeplessness).

Since they were buried at the bottom of that post I wanted to give better access to them because they’re really very helpful to me and I know they’ve been helpful to a lot of other folks in withdrawal too. I have no doubt many people with normal stress and anxiety will find them lovely and helpful too.

I have this set of CDs that have simply at times worked wonders allowing me to rest, if not sleep. These tracks are no longer available for sale so I uploaded them that you might be able to use them too. See what you think.

These are actually a very expensive set of highly technological sound science…the company went out of business, but I think not for lack of quality, but instead perhaps poor marketing. I don’t actually know where they originated anymore, since they were passed on to me by other folks who found them helpful while healing from protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes.

The first 3 tracks are the first CD…they are the beginning of what is a sort of program for calm. You’re supposed to work your way up. I found that it was really like that…where I didn’t even tolerate the others for a long time.

Of note: when my nervous system was most deeply fried, even the first most gentle tracks irritated me. It took a couple of years before I tolerated them. Most people, however, find them helpful long before I did. I know several people who really like them. We’ve done some passing around of them among ourselves in benzo withdrawal circles.

The first three tracks were my favorites for a long time but now I’ve moved on to the others too…the first three are the gentlest and for a long time were the ones that worked best…now with more resilience I like them all…they all do different things.

They are calming, but for me, they also allow me to meditate and process some of the loud noise and chaos that is part of the drug damage. It helps me process and ease both the drug damage and the layers of trauma I was never allowed to feel as a result of the drugging. When a lot of processing (heavy meditation) is going on the CDs may not be exactly calming, but they allow me to be with the pain and chaos I would otherwise have to distract myself from. When too exhausted to distract these CDs are a godsend. They allow me to be with the pain in acceptance and deep healing meditation. I’m a firm believer that we cannot heal what we do not feel.

I have sometimes listened to them on a loop for hours. It’s good for relaxing any time of the day and it can also help me meditate when the chaos in my autonomic system is too loud to go to sleep. It often allows me to process enough that when I’m done, I can actually, indeed, go to sleep.

FYI: USE HEADPHONES — The headphones are necessary because the recorded sounds are put together with precision and so you only hear certain sounds etc with the aid of the headphones…it’s okay to listen without headphones but you’ll miss much of the subtlety…that’s all.

I’ve now put some of the tracks on Sound Cloud. The others are no longer available:

here is the link

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