Your yoga for today

This is a nice gentle, all seated 45 minute yoga flow.

I couldn’t do the whole thing and did some modifying of the part that I did do. I held some stretches less time or modified them so as not to stretch too much and hurt. Feel your way through. Let your body tell you what you should or should not be doing. If it hurts do it more gently or not at all. I thought I’d share because it’s a beginner friendly yoga routine and I thought it was very well done.


It’s a real nice gentle flow that I might work with for a good while…I’ve not gotten to the end yet…so I’m not sure of what all is included towards the end. Have fun!

I’m sharing another post on yoga at home from Beyond Meds. I talk about how I’m developing a practice at home as part of my rehab. I started while I was still bedridden. The following link is good for anyone who’d like to start doing yoga on their own at home:  Yoga at Home

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