Important souls (let us recognize trauma in the lives of those who are called mentally ill)

A video that advocates for Trauma Informed Care:

Susan Salasin is a pioneer in the area of women, violence prevention and trauma. Her commitment and determination during 40 years with SAMHSA (Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration) and her continuing work are keeping trauma on the public mental health agenda. She created this video in collaboration with Andy Blanch and Joan Gillece of NCTIC (National Center for Trauma Informed Care), and with Leah Harris of NEC (National Empowerment Center).

More information on Trauma and PTSD on Beyond Meds

From the above link:

As a social worker and clinician working with “the seriously mentally ill” for many years, I never came upon someone who didn’t have fairly severe traumas in their histories.  Yes, I can say those who I encountered who were in that particular labeled segment had a solid 100% rate of trauma in their histories. Mental illness in large part is a reaction to trauma. It’s quite simple really. When we start listening to people’s stories of pain rather than numbing them out and effectively silencing them with neurotoxic drugs we will start healing them. Until then people will remain broken. One of the most basic needs for a wounded human being to heal is to be seen. Recognized. Validated. Yes.

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