The indiegogo campaign has 13 more days. If you’ve not viewed the video check it out. If you can, contribute. Whether you can contribute or not, pass the information about the campaign on to your social networks. Let’s get this movie made.

make me normalFrom indiegogo

…MAKE ME NORMAL, explores the rise in diagnosis of mental disorders and the boom of psychiatric prescription drugs, all set against the release of the new controversial psychiatric guidelines of the DSM (nick-named the “Psychiatry Bible”).  With 1 in 3 Americans diagnosed with a mental disorder and 20% (and rising) on prescription drugs, the film asks, what happened to normal? Or, even, what is normal? (read more)

This is from an indiegogo fundraising campaign Mitch McCabe, the filmmaker is doing. If you’re interested in supporting it visit the indiegogo website. 

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