Will Hall on suicidal thoughts

An extended clip from MAKE ME NORMAL — which is still raising funds. Contribute here: visit the indiegogo website. 

this has temporarily been disabled but it’s being looked into by the video maker! click through to watch for now…should be corrected soon. (IT’S WORKING NOW)

As one of many diverse experts in the documentary MAKE ME NORMAL, Portland-based Counselor and Mental Health Advocate WILL HALL talks about suicide…

An article by Will Hall on Beyond meds on the subject:

will hall●  Living with suicidal feelings  — It’s time for a new understanding of suicidal feelings. Is it really best to force someone into the hospital when they are suicidal? Do suicidal feelings plus “risk factors” really mean professionals can predict whether someone might try to kill themselves? And are suicidal feelings the symptom of a treatable illness that should include medication prescription?”

More posts on reframing the experience of having suicidal ideation on Beyond Meds:  Conversations about Suicidal Feelings

Contribute to MAKE ME NORMAL here: visit the indiegogo website. 

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