The body, ethics, trauma and violence (and) Nature and The Body

Mark Walsh does good stuff on embodiment. Sharing a couple of his newer videos today.

The body, ethics, trauma and violence – how our bodies tells us what’s right and wrong.


Nature and The Body – how our bodies are connected to what we embody and who we are.

My main practice to deeply acquaint myself with my body is yoga. My latest post on yoga was quite interesting. I had help from friends.

Yoga for me is both a physical rehab and a mindfulness meditation. There are many other ways to tune oneself to their body. When I walk I also mindfully embody my being and feel the movement of my body. When I wash the dishes, when I work in the garden. All of it can be part of this practice. Indeed all of it is yoga.

See too: Life as a meditation

Tai chiqi gong and all the martial arts are all ways people do this work too. Dance and movement in general can all be transformed with mindfulness.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’ve featured a few other of Mark’s videos before. See:

And for more info in general: Trauma and the Body

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