Meditate while moving — gardening, cooking, walking, etc…

Sometimes our suffering and agitation is so great that we cannot sit to meditate or even hold the body still. Then, trainings in movement such as walking meditation and yoga, or mindful practices of preparing food and gardening can be used to help settle the mind… Such practices help to ground a fragmented mind in the body.

If your mornings tend to be hectic or anxious, maybe thinking of all you have to do or how late you are already – try just being mindful of walking as you move from room to room, going through your morning routine. As you can, extend the mindfulness to more of what you are doing – walking from the bedroom to the kitchen, feeling your feet on the floor, then perhaps coolness, and hearing the sounds, reaching, pouring.. try to include as much as you can gently hold with mindfulness, and keep it simple, restful… — Jack Kornfield, from his Facebook page

I love moving meditations and my favorite are my daily yoga practice and walking in the woods and gardening. But I also practice when I’m washing the dishes and just moving around the house as Jack suggests. Cooking has always been a wonderful centering practice for me as well.

Recovering from the drug iatrogenesis meant overcoming all sorts of screaming pain and radically weird bodily sensations…sitting was also next to impossible because I was bedridden for quite a while. I learned to meditate whenever and however I could. I write about that here: Life as a meditation: my contemplative adventure

There are a lot more posts that feature Jack Kornfield on Beyond Meds. He was one of my first meditation teachers with whom I had the opportunity to spend time with at his center Spirit Rock when I lived nearby.

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