Free online conference on addiction (food, drugs, sex, shopping etc, etc) with Gabor Mate and others

Gabor Mate seems to understand the nature of addiction more than most people today. I highly admire his work and so when I saw that he’s offering this free online conference I thought I’d share the entire post from his website.

Gabor_Mate_medium_rezI’d like to invite you to join me + 35 other addiction and recovery teachers for a online conference dedicated to giving people the best wisdom on addiction and recovery available for FREE.

Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction

This free online conference brings together the voices of 35+ professionals and thought leaders to deliver cutting-edge, inspirational, spiritual, medical and practical approaches to overcoming addictions of all kinds. We’ve gathered the best information and teachers in the world to help inspire people struggling with addiction, supporting their families and loved ones as well as those who work in the field of recovery.

We’ll address the big 5 addictions: Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Sex, and Money. As well as the 4 aggravations: Negative thinking, Self doubt, Procrastination, and Resentment.

In addition you’ll tap into fresh and emergent perspectives on 12-step recovery, emotional eating and body image, relationships and codependency, stress, the brain and biomechanics of addiction, the role of yoga in recovery, letting go of attachments, diet and lifestyle for optimal health, sugar addiction, and historical and global trends in addiction and recovery.

What you need to know
Dates: September 28-October 2, 2013 (schedule forthcoming)
Price: FREE
Where: Sign up online at

I hope you will join me in advancing the conversation on this very important subject. You will leave more aware, more empowered, and with the tools you need for successful recovery, optimal health and a life of fulfilling purpose, beyond addiction.

The original post is here Recovery 2.0 Beyond Addiction

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