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I went for a walk today with my mp3 player that I’d just loaded up with DJ Rekluse by accident. I came home and had to figure out what the heck I’d just listened to. I had no idea what I was in for when I went out the door this morning. Within a few minutes of the Sutras by DJ Rekluse starting, I could not contain myself and I was dancing in the street. Literally. We don’t have sidewalks here and so I danced as I “walked” down the street. Luckily, I live in the mountains and I was able to cut out of my neighborhood onto a wooded path into the trees for privacy. There I let loose and danced like a wild woman with only the trees as my audience. I was laughing and crying both! Oh my. What joy. And how profoundly healing too.

I found the entire piece I listened to on youtube which I somehow had on my laptop and transferred to my mp3 player today. I don’t remember downloading it. I actually have no idea how it got there and what a wonderful and delightful surprise when I happened to listen to it. It was mixed in with some other stuff I had intentionally downloaded. Twenty six minutes of bliss when I really needed it. That’s the best kind of synchronicity.

DJ Rekluse | Sutras | The Vast Expanse

Here it is on soundcloud where you can download it for free and here is part 2 which I’ve not listened to yet, but will be doing so very soon.

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To explore dancing of this kind in your home I also recommend Gabriel Roth’s work. This collection is a great place to start: The Ecstatic Dance: The Gabrielle Roth Video Collection

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