The blatant disregard we have for our environment is the same disregard we show one another

I got a catalog I hadn’t requested in the mail from J.Jill (a clothing store)…my sister gave me a gift certificate and I bought a couple of things from them recently. I just called their 800 number and told the person who answered the phone to take me off their mailing list. I then said that they should stop aggressive and relatively indiscriminate marketing. I hadn’t asked for the catalog and by sending catalogs to everyone who gave them an address they were assuring that most of them would never be looked at and instead end up in the landfill where they would further pollute our already dying planet. Yup. I just did that. She told me she would pass on my message and took me off the mailing list. *sigh* What can we actually do to save our sweet and lovely dying mamma?  That little exercise gave me very little satisfaction. My whole being yearns to help heal the earth and it’s inhabitants of all species.

To be clear, we will wipe ourselves (and most other animal species) out before we wipe out our mamma…let’s save ourselves and all other beings please.

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We won’t be fighting any other cause near and dear to our hearts if we keep on poisoning the earth in the thousands of ways that we are doing so daily. Also, the blatant disregard we have for our environment is the same disregard we show one another. It is the disregard given to every oppressed person including all of us who’ve been harmed by psychiatry. We are all in this together. We need to heal ourselves, everyone around us and the planet:



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