DIY NonDual Awakening (SRIN is free, readily available and totally accurate)

mindI frequently use myth and religion, psychology and philosophy as convenient maps for the psyche. Here Gary and Rich talk about working with the psyche in a purely empirical way. When it come to the psyche I find coming to understand it from as many perspectives as possible a very lovely thing.

Dialogue of Gary Weber and Rich Doyle on “Do It Yourself” (DIY) awakening process. Empirical, not philosophical, religious, or literature-based. Completely secular approach derived “open sourced” from contemporary sources to avoid many translations and revisions problem. Uses self-referential internal narrative (SRIN) for feedback on progress and programs. SRIN is free, readily available and totally accurate. Need to modify approaches as “I” blocks on approach. Letting go of attachments, accepting/surrendering, and returning “Home”.

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