Adventures into the ordinary…

I had a personal twitter account for which the bio read: Adventures into the ordinary…

That is because I came to understand what Jim Palmer is talking about below. Every moment is spiritual. Every moment is ordinary. The ecstatic, the mundane. The pleasurable, the painful. Same/same. I have found some measure of delight and freedom, both, in that realization.

ordinaryThe idea of “being present in the moment” sounds right but can be a little elusive and frustrating when seeking to apply it. It can come across as though one should stop and have some sort of deep or spiritual experience. Instead, consider the possibility that the spiritual life is simply responding to situations as they require. If you need to walk from your kitchen to your bedroom, it’s not necessary to stop at each step and “be present in the moment” and have a “spiritual experience.” Life itself is spiritual and no moment needs you to do anything to add the spirituality to it. There are some moments, such as catching a beautiful sunset, when you experience deep feelings and feel a greater connection to God and life. But do not suppose that such a moment is more “spiritual” than walking from your kitchen to the bedroom. It’s only that the two situations were different, inviting two different responses. Your life is your spiritual path… every part of it.  – Jim Palmer

h/t Integral Options Cafe

More from Beyond Meds on meditation and “being in the present”: Meditation is the PRACTICE of learning to PAY ATTENTION. That is all.

Books from Jim Palmer:

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