Heart Meditation with Tibetan Bowls

tibetan bowlsAs anyone who follows my blog closely knows I’ve been experimenting with sound and music as a “healing” modality. I make the argument that these things be considered habits of living well rather than having a clinical understanding of them. Humanity, throughout all of history did these sorts of things because they knew we needed them to be healthy. It’s only in disconnected modern humanity that we consider such things in a clinical sense…or worse we dismiss them as “woo.”

One thing that sounds and music does for me is they allow me to access part of my psyche I might not otherwise access. Different music resonates to different parts of the psyche. Coming from the “You can’t heal what you don’t feel” philosophy, this has been very helpful for me.

It seems that many feelings and experiences throughout my life were compacted and repressed and therefore never felt, understood or processed, first in childhood in a family that didn’t welcome certain kinds of emotional expression and then in adulthood when I was drugged into oblivion. I have literally decades of feelings to feel and experiences to process. Layers and layers of unprocessed, sometimes pretty difficult stuff that needs to be felt. I’m doing it and it’s good. It’s important to trust my own rhythm and flow as well as finding the music and sounds that I resonate with that will be most healing. Some music or sound can actually exacerbate or distress. Trust yourself if you pursue this path.

I share what works for me, but it’s possible you will need to do your own search for the right tunes and tones.

My latest experiments have been with tibetan bowl sounds. Below are a couple of videos.

At soundcloud you can download various tibetan bowl sounds for free. I’ve been listening to this one among others:


There are lots of additional options for purchase here.

More on moving/dancing/shaking for healing:

I’ve been sharing music and sounds that move me lately…for a collection see here: More sounds for the soul from Beyond Meds.



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