I’m thrilled…lab work proves I’m doing it right! (thyroid issues and herbs)

Herbal medicine for the win!

I tested hyperthyroid about 6 weeks ago…it made my iatrogenic nervous system chaos far worse.

I took herbs (mostly a variety of different but particular nervine herbs which I made into teas and sipped therapeutically throughout the day) and did yoga, concentrating on a few poses for supporting my thyroid and also emphasized certain healthy foods in my diet.

A few days ago I sensed I no longer needed the herbs (I continuously intuitively took what I needed, not what is generally prescribed by herbalists, even…I totally listened to my body and the energetics of the herbs) So I stopped the herbs a few days ago as they seemed to no longer be needed and in fact were not agreeing with me anymore and so I stopped them over the course of a few days.

Today it’s been 6 weeks since I last tested and my thyroid test came back NORMAL. I’m off the medicinal herbs and feeling much better. A regular doctor would have put me on pharmaceuticals that are dangerous and have potentially serious side-effects. I would not have been allowed to play with my dose and intuit what I needed like I did with the plants. THIS is what healing can look like. I will stay attuned and continue to learn about what my body needs and test again if I feel I need to do that.

The best part is I’m feeling better than ever. It seems that course of nervine herbs helped heal my nervous system in general. HEAL is the operative word. I am not taking them at this point. They did their job and when it was done they let me know it was done. I was able to know by tuning into the energetics in my body. That is how plant medicine works.  The proof is in the lab result I just got this morning.

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