Radio interview with Beyond Meds (now archived)


Listen here to the archive: WELLNESS JOURNEY LIVE

A heads up for everyone. The program is a wellness internet radio show that targets women aged 40 plus at 4 pm Eastern Time May 13. (1 pm pacific) 

This is a lovely opportunity to speak to a different audience than the blog routinely reaches. And women over 40 are one of the most often targeted groups for antidepressants…so this is info they need.

Also as a wellness channel these are people concerned with health and well-being many of whom have struggled with health…and since psych drugs are routinely prescribed to folks with chronic health issues in general, again, this is a great opportunity to help people understand the risks as well as to become aware of alternatives.

Listen to the program live here: WELLNESS JOURNEY LIVE  (you can download it from this link now…I’m listening to it now on iTunes and you can listen online as well if you like)

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