Spring/Summer energetic shifts and yoga

I did the below yoga video today. It was perfect for what I needed stilll at the end I did a bit more yoga. Some variations of the pigeon pose and also a shoulder stand and plough flow. Then I stood and finished up with some standing stretches. Perfection.

Lately I’ve not been able to go to my yoga classes. I was going to 2 to 4 classes a week in the spring. Summer brought lower energy last year too. I’m needing to be slow and careful with my body again this summer too. But the change in energy, while reminiscent of last year, is far less impactful this year. Last year I was having far more trouble with this shift and was much more exhausted and just felt really sick again. This year, it’s far easier to see it as a natural rhythm my body goes through with the seasons. I do miss going to my yoga classes but I still seem to be able to go to about 1 a week. Maybe a little less, but it’s clear to me this year that this is not a setback…this is a natural rhythm for me and I need to respect my body’s needs. In that alone there is great healing. I continue to listen to the wisdom of my body.

So this was what I enjoyed today at home where I can do everything at my own pace and not leave the house at all.

A gentle yoga flow, that takes 26 minutes, as a prelude to a more strenuous yoga workout. Suitable for practitioners of any forms and levels of yoga. The teacher is Trish from Shake Your Buddha, Australia.

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Here is some gentle yoga for the challenged nervous system:

Remember you can always modify even more than the teacher suggests or stop entirely — even if it seems really easy and gentle our nervous systems know best. Be careful not to strain.


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