Free Teleclass, Making the Case: Yoga for Trauma Recovery

A wonderful yoga teacher and friend is offering this free course. Yoga has been critically important in my healing process, literally getting me out of an atrophied bedridden state. It’s been critical for my physical and mental well-being both. I highly recommend it.

I posted the quote Kaoverii begins this post with earlier today. I wasn’t aware of this class at the time. She has made me aware of it and so it’s perfect for today’s continuing theme. 

  Making the Case: Yoga for Trauma Recovery

yoga“The memory of the trauma is imprinted on the human organism. I don’t think you can overcome it unless you learn to have a friendly relationship with your body. The big question: How can you help people confront their internal sensations? Yoga is one way you can do that.” – Bessel van der Kolk (The Trauma Center)

Five percent of Americans, or more than 13 million people, have PTSD. Complex or Developmental trauma (trauma that occurs during childhood) has been linked to a long list of chronic conditions including heart disease, COPD, chronic pain, addiction, depression and anxiety – and it makes people more susceptible to developing PTSD after a traumatic experience.

In this free, 45 minute teleclass, Subtle Yoga founder and director of the Subtle Yoga Training for Behavioral Health Professionals, Kristine Kaoverii Weber, will provide a compelling case for using yoga therapy as a powerful adjunct in the treatment of trauma. Kristine will help you understand how to discuss the powerful benefits of yoga for trauma with community health care providers and help you understand how to break through the barriers which keep yoga isolated in the fitness industry. Yoga is not just fitness, yoga is therapy – and yoga professionals need to learn how to talk about yoga as part of an integrative strategy – not just how to get referrals for privates or classes.

Unresolved trauma is a serious public health problem – and since all traumas are experienced in the body, the body must be a piece of the puzzle in helping people recovery from trauma and reclaiming their lives. Because yoga is both a somatic and a cognitive intervention, it provides an excellent vehicle for people to reclaim and integrate trauma. Yoga is person-centered, cost-effective, low risk and evidence based.

This teleclass will cover:
• Research demonstrating the effectiveness of yoga for trauma recovery
• Understanding the Adverse Childhood Experiences study
• The neuroscience of trauma and how yoga helps
• Recommendations for convincing community health providers of the efficacy of yoga for trauma recovery
• Tips on teaching Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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Kristine will also be discussing the upcoming Subtle Yoga RYT500 Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training program which begins Sept. 22 in Asheville, NC and includes a module about using yoga in the treatment of trauma.

There will be time to ask questions, and you can also email questions to

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