We are a sensitive species who have forgotten who we are

God-touches-AdamWe are by nature a sensitive species. Every last one of us. We learn through cultural conditioning to ignore and shut down what would be our highly sensitive natures — our birthright. The conditioning we learn from our parents and our community (and the TV and internet and mass media) further encourages additional habits that appeal to us in particular. School furthers the conditioning. Later we develop more habits to reinforce the conditioning and keep ourselves numb. We use food (highly processed and toxic and developed to encourage craving), drugs (both legal and illegal), alcohol, video games, porn, TV, internet, shopping and the pursuit of more, more, more stuff to keep ourselves numb to the lies we’ve been told since the day we popped out of the womb. Breaking away from all this runs the risk of being ostracized in a multitude of ways. And so most of us just keep at it and here we are today with epidemics of psychiatric “illness”, addictions and chronic physical debilitating illnesses of all sorts. Here we are today with a planet that is becoming uninhabitable for its many citizens of all species. We are a sensitive species who have forgotten who we are. We are killing ourselves. We must remember. Those of us who understand this have a responsibility to love those who are still in the dark haze…to love them the heck out of their toxic sleep. We have all been born into this and we are all required to turn it around.

It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

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