Fear: be with it

Here Gary and Rich once again speak simply about how to walk through this life while we wake up to the nature of being human.

The idea of “Being with what is” — my favorite mantra is also shared here. I’ve come to believe all fear and terror and anxiety is essentially the same…even that which gets pathologized by psychiatry. All fear is experienced in the body on a physiological spectrum, let’s say. So it will all respond to this sort of framing. It has for me, in any case. As someone who has dealt with the iatrogenic injury from psychiatric drugs I can speak to this. Even the heinous iatrogenic terror I’ve dealt with as a result of acute psychiatric drug withdrawal syndrome which seems to be a variety of extreme and complex PTSD, responds to these methods, though, clearly it can take a long time and a lot of work. I write about how I started doing that in baby steps here. That journey continues since the reprograming of the neural networks take time given the sort of brain injury the drugs incurred.

My favorite and most retweeted tweet also deals with the subject of being with what is. It clearly resonated with lots of other folks. I’ll share it here now as well:

That tweet has become somewhat of a mantra for me as well as a practice. To simply sink into the chaos of my autonomic nervous system when need be. A sort of surrendering. Consider this a deeper suggestion to “be with it.” To feel the fear in the body..and allow for the physiological chaos, even. Experience all of it and let it be okay. This has been a form of release work for me as well.

Gary and Rich now speak specifically to fear:

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Releasing fear has involved a very broad and holistic approach which tends to pretty much everything in the context of my life. See: My healing protocol detailed…  So “being with what is” for me has meant tending deeply to the healing process in a profoundly general sense too.

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Here are some posts about good programs I found helpful for working with the rewiring process:



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