No apologies for being sensitive to the earth and its suffering

planet earthBy Jen Peer Rich

If we took a mere 50% of our global weaponry and technology resources and applied them towards sustainability actions, we could live in a much different world. It’s possible to stop kicking the earth in the teeth with destructive behaviors. Why not address the suffering of our species and endless other species?

But we don’t. We keep feeding the machinery of separation. And why?

The degree to which we are willing to keep our heads in the sand about what is happening on this planet right now is the degree to which we believe we are disconnected from life. The medicine for this sickness is in waking up and realizing that there are forces actively working to keep us disengaged and unconscious.

Take root in the authenticity and intelligence that is our birthright. Make no apologies for being sensitive to the earth and its suffering. What we need right now are armies of people who are interested in being of service to the entire web of life.

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