Not knowing and living with confidence

The more we engage with our lives without requiring reassurance, the more we realize that this is already the case at all times. We can never have objective confirmation that we are making the right choice. We don’t know who we are, what happens when we die, how to have the best relationship or be the best parents possible. No one has ever been able to prove just what it means to live the best life possible or how to do so. Basically, we’re just falling through space, making it up as we go.

We can however choose to act and live with a confidence that has no objective justification or we can choose to act and live with hesitation and self doubt-which as it turns out has no objective justification either.

We may find that as we practice showing up without apology, a deeper confidence is cultivated. An attitude that arises out of not knowing but that manifests as fully embodied presence. We know that we’re just winging it, that we will continually make mistakes, but we learn that this will be true whether we do so with confidence or with self doubt. We learn that we really only have our own unique version of being human to offer the world.

Bruce Tift



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