(NOW COMPLETED) – Website will be under construction for a bit

Update: the site redesign is essentially complete. It’s looking very different if you’ve not taken a peak yet, please do. (some of you are reading this by subscription and not on site) I will continue to tweak little bits as I always do with all the various site permutations of design since the beginning.

The drop-down menus have been streamlined and simplified. They’re always a good place to start when looking for something on the site. There is also a search box and a archives by the month in the right column. The site can now stand alone as a resource.

Also this template and design should be much more user-friendly for all devices from hand-held to desktop.

I will continue posting much less often (much like the last two months in which I’ve only posted 8 times as opposed to daily…I continue to go inward as the season dictates and I also still hope to find work in the world of fleshy human beings and not online…the spring will reveal more I’m sure.)

Thank you for your patience…it will be looking funky and changing a lot for a while but everything is still here. Check the menus at the top of the page for navigation help.

This template should be user-friendly on all devices from desktop to small phones.

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