F***ing up (again and again) is part of the healing process

Below I’ve shared several tweets and status updates from the last several days. Below each of them are links to related pages on Beyond Meds:

Messing up (again and again) is part of the healing process. Every time one realizes and processes a misstep is a victory in mindful awareness.

(and yes, in this framework, we find that there really are no mistakes, but instead simply opportunities to become aware and thus grow and heal)

Once you’re triggered every activity done in that condition is unconscious and generally recreates drama. stop and breathe before acting.

When we are healing from long-term chronic serious illnesses, including protracted psychiatric drug withdrawal syndromes, some misery is to be expected. It has become clear to me that accepting this reality as much as possible rather than fighting it is the preferable way to move through what is undeniably and unavoidably a very difficult process much of the time. Hence practicing surrender also becomes very helpful.

My heart is broken. (no nothing new to report…simply experiencing the delicious brokenness that allows openness too)

Healing the dysregulated autonomic nervous system as well as auto-immune disorders is like taming a frightened wild animal. It takes time, love and patience.

Decaffeinated green tea, marshmallow root powder, raw chocolate powder and green (whole leaf, non-processed stevia powder) … makes for an odd, but delicious neurogenerative beverage (for occasional use only). Yeah, this is what healing looks like for me. I come up with odd medicinal concoctions all the time. I love that part of it…as a foodie it’s what makes this truly an adventure I can enjoy (at least some of the time!).

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