Getting the care we need… (I need help now too)

UPDATE: (brain injuries make you stupid, apparently. I can no longer do simple math. I need a whole lot more than what I wrote above and now I am bummed out about that too…I did the math for once a month…when I need the amount once a week…so yeah, a lot more money…4 times as much)  – It only took me 7 hours to figure it out,  and yeah, I know that’s not STUPID per se, but it feels that way when I run up against multiple limitations daily. Anyway, I would love assistance and so thank you for whatever you can help with. 

**I’ll do updates at the bottom on how much has been donated.

One of the reasons I do the work I do in advocacy is because I know that many of us are not getting what we need in order to be healthy and thrive. I do this work because I’m not getting that either. I do it for all of us.

We all have to do our best to patch-work together the care and or treatment necessary to be healthy. Some of us have better means of doing that than others. I’ve often felt lucky because I know I’m far more privileged than many I advocate for. Still, I also struggle and having done this work largely on a voluntary basis for over a decade I’m needing to change some things. I’ve done all the one on one consultations free of charge (save for 3 times)  and support with 100s of people now as well as all the writing and sharing of information in the form of 1000s of blog posts (there are about 5,500 posts!) …today I’m asking for something back.

Read this for more info: Mourning, loss and vision 

I cannot afford the care I need right now. If I can raise 800 dollars that will cover that care for 6 months. If I can raise 1600   that will cover it for a year. (there are actually lots of other things that would help and I may need off and on and sometimes ongoing for care…)    update – the total for a year that I actually need is $6,500. I wish I’d done the math right the first time. 

If you’ve felt helped or supported by the work on this site and perhaps from one on one contact with me as well, please consider helping me out. No one owes me anything. I have done everything in complete integrity and love. If this isn’t something you can manage, I totally understand and there is no expectation.  I also need help now and have often felt like I don’t have what I need, just like all the folks I’ve engaged with via this work. If it feels like a time in which you can give, I very much appreciate it. Moving forward I need to do things differently and I’m working on figuring that out as I go.

Thank you!

The button below will take you to paypal:


**As of Friday August 10 I’ve received enough for 1 month. I’ll leave this post up as a sticky post at the top of this site and keep updating as long as donations keep coming. Thank you.

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  1. If I had just ONE person who would stand up for me in all cases. I am in such a fragile condition (all brought on by medical errors whose statue of lims. is long gone. Systemic Cobalt Poisoning from hip replacements doesn’t really show itself for 6-10 years. Now I am chronically ill, have vertigo 24/7. Sure could use a kindhearted secretary.



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