Merry Christmas to my estranged family

I just emailed this off to my relatives…most of whom I’ve not seen for over a decade now. (my mother is the exception and my brother whom I was close to died a decade ago)

Subject: Merry Christmas

Dear family,
Today is the one year anniversary of arriving in Greenville’s Intensive Care Unit where I almost died from another brain injury secondary to the first one I’ve been healing from for over a decade now. I am alive.

Today or the first time in many years I completed an entire Ecstatic Dance Wave (over an hour of dancing…the whole time on my feet…I generally end up on the floor seated for much of the dance) — I am an enthusiastic ecstatic dancer — it is a profound form of movement meditation and a lovely community/self-made village. We call it dance church…or sweating our prayers. I had so much fun. Then I came home and cooked a meal and Paul and I ate Christmas dinner. Something we certainly didn’t do last year as I lay unconscious in the hospital.

Still to this day, on a day by day basis, I cannot take it for granted when I wake up in the morning I will be able to leave the house, but today on this anniversary I’ve had a beautiful day and I trust that this bodes well for the future.

It is a Merry Christmas indeed.


More on ECSTATIC dance


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4 Responses

  1. Happy to hear you are doing better Monica. I can relate so well with you about estranged family. I haven’t seen my Mother and Stepfather for just over twenty years, and my only son is estranged from me. I am entering my fifth year of tapering valium and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel although I have two other medications to get off as well. I appreciate the link to the ecstatic dance music ~ Seasons greetings and I wish you a happy and healthier New Year, Glenda x

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  2. suzboo5

    Merry Christmas to you and your whanau (family) Monica. Encouraging to read that healing can continue to occur after death threatening brain injuries. Thank you for persevering.

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  3. Sylvia Ramer

    Despite everything you’ve been through you sent a beautiful email. Thank you for sharing it and I’m glad you were able to dance. I am grateful for all your insights.

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