Somatic mysticism: reframing “hypersensitivity”

I came across this by accident and found it well worth revisiting. Perhaps so will you. This process is a long haul and old insights can sometimes feel new again.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

More musing from the past few days. Anyone who has ever been called too sensitive might appreciate some of this.

I’ve recently been drawn to the term “somatic mysticism” because I feel everything deeply in my body. I can feel my cells doing their work quite often and I feel all manner of metabolic movement and I feel far more than I can even begin to really know from a biological standpoint. Still when I listen and pay attention I collect data, information to act on. With this info I continue to heal and become (consciously) one with all that is.

From an article I found that mentions somatic mysticism this quote:

Thich Nhat Hanh said, “What we most need to do is to hear within us the sounds of the Earth crying.”

And yes, I hear the earth and all it’s sentient beings as well as the plants and all…

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  1. thank you for your writing! How I know this. These days, it also reminds me of author/scientist Mark Miodownik whom \i heard in a BBC radio interview not long ago say: (Yes to all curiosity and…) We can only live with a bit of denial. A similar thought occurred to me when I realised the absurdity of a seat belt at 30,000 ft above ground. Best wishes,


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