I am kitchen witch & more about the somatic imperative

I channel medicine in my kitchen both via spontaneous meal creation as well as herbal concoctions. Kitchen witch I am.

The healing process is an ever-changing evolution when done right. Adopting other people’s protocols is a violence to the body. One must meet the body here and now with particular attention to the unique context and environment of your life and your dna.

I have had to unlearn everything I took in via, not only western medicine, but all manner of “alternative” conditioning as well. Only my body knows what is right for me and almost everything else is driven by capitalism and is tainted by peoples desperation to make a buck.


Lymph NEEDS movement and doesn’t have a pump like our heart in order to move. We need a healthy lymph to move out all the endogenous crap our body produces in stress as well as whatever is held in our cells from a life-time of not knowing how to listen to our bodies. It’s a process.

All movement is good and different kinds of movement helps flush the body in different ways. Dancing and yoga are my favorites…lots of different types of yoga and dance help get into all the nooks and crannies of the body. Massage and dry brushing is very helpful too.

I do an Ayurvedic inspired self oil massage every day. It’s such a profound loving self-care ritual! I have gotten hooked on them. Before that I was dry brushing for a few years.


I call my process the SOMATIC IMPERATIVE. I am led and guided by my own body in this moment now.

also All diets are bullshit

Dancing and yoga links

updated: more somatic mysticism


For a multitude of ideas about how to create a life filled with safe alternatives to psychiatric drugs visit the drop-down menus at the top of this page. 

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