Here’s the thing: when you come off of psych drugs…

Some tweets from this morning…they come from a few different threads and I’ve strung them together….I now hang out on twitter in a non-mental health scene. The mental health scene got to be really toxic for me. Not always. I needed it to learn and grow and heal. But now, it’s not what I need. I need to see beyond what’s happened to us and it’s not healthy for me to be around people in agonizing pain all the time. It was keeping my PTS alive in ways that frankly kept me from being able to heal my own body as I supported others. I still support many people and I still speak and do this work. I do it differently now, however and it’s important that I do. So with that preamble, I’m sharing some tweets. I still share this info but I do it in a crowd of people who largely have never thought about these things. In other words, I no longer cater to the choir. I think we need people everywhere and introducing these ideas to folks who’ve not considered them is also important.

At the suggestion of my good friend Harry, I’ve chosen (mostly) not to edit the below tweets. It’s in the raw. If you find words that are popularly considered obscene problematic please don’t read it.

The twitter words:

Here’s the thing: when you come off of psych drugs — You have to deal with the withdrawal which is sometimes heinous and dangerous both. But beyond that you then have to feel every last thing you did not feel because you were on those damn drugs.

And then you have to go back and feel every fucking thing from before you were on them as well. They make everything exponentially more difficult. They should never be used except in overt crisis. Then they should be tapered off as soon as possible…

Alternative methods of care and safe spaces at that point need to be found. At this point, unfortunately they need to be created. We’re all rather fucked unless we have resources to create them for ourselves. I speak because I am one of the lucky few & life remains off the charts

We actually really need you all to recognize us and help us get what we need. The fact we really are tapped into stuff that help us understand the nature of reality if we can be healthy. That right now is not happening we are unhealthy and dying on psych meds I am not kidding.

It is far too risky for most people to speak this way they have to hide and play the psychiatric game it’s really awful.

And sadly it’s the majority of people reading this thread will think that I am being hyperbolic and that is what we all have to deal with. That is active oppression. Are you participating?

My typos are unfortunate. But I am tired. see if you are one to judge those typos too. It’s nice to come up with any reason to dismiss uncomfortable news, isn’t it?

I left the Twitter Echo chamber that is the pharmaceutical injured ghetto because frankly it gets old and people are too angry and hurt to see past their own experience. Fact is however nobody else gives a shit & they should because everybody comes into contact with Pharmaceuticals

The stories of the drug injured matter. We are buried beneath a pile of pharmaceutical propaganda. The human species actually needs us sensitives. Fucking wake up the rest of you. That’s why I’m here where virtually nobody pays attention because some of you actually need this info.

So I toot this horn every now and then and then I go back to regular fun non-dualish tweeting for the everyone else and myself too.

I enjoy that much more.

Another thought for consideration: as an oppressed group we are unique because we exist isolated in families that often are complicit in our being harmed. They are in over their heads too and have no idea since authorities say that’s what we need — Psychiatry and drugs.

In any case we are surrounded only by people who tell us we are sick we are wrong we are bad we are unredeemable. It’s all very dangerous bullshit. The internet is allowing us to find one another and help one another in ways we were never able to do historically. I am grateful.

It remains difficult but we are here and we have a lot of work to do.


There is nothing wrong with you


Psychiatric drug withdrawal, info 



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  1. Monica I would like your opinion. There is a certain leader of the hearing voices network here in Denmark (who incidentally is also a correspondent on MIA). I became “friends” with her on Facebook. Lots of SJW crap from her (not only psychiatry). I know other people associated with hearing voices network who work with social work here locally. I don’t get ANY support from any of them. They talk a lot of crap but don’t seem to do anything actually.

    Where do you go for help? I think the so-called alternative mental health community is crap to say the least.


    1. I do my own thing and I do not utilize any mental health services per se. I use massage, yoga, meditation, different sorts of body work etc. I don’t see anyone on a regular basis either. I use ecstatic dance for trauma work. When I say I have learned to listen to my body, I mean it. I have zero interest in going to anyone who is still utilizing a mental illness frame (or reacting to it)… meaning I go completely outside of the system that made me sick. I hope that helps. My best to you. (I write about the need to create our own villages…it’s a lot of work…)


    2. also, Thomas…any one person cannot help everyone that comes to them. As someone with a somewhat high profile I can tell you I can’t help almost anyone who writes to me…I support a handful of people at all times and then I don’t have anything left and I have to say no. This is true for everyone who is taking care of themselves…


  2. While thete may be excessive and sometimes innacurate information from the pharmaceutical industry they saved my sanity. On the three occassions I stopped Tegretol while well controlled I relapsed. I will not make the same naive mistake again.



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