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(the site reverted to the old address…the contents are all here but some of the links are broken)

The archive menus at the top of the page have a lot of broken links but are perhaps still the best way to review what the site contains.

***Use of the search box at the top of the page may be easier at this time since all the links that come up out of search will be accurate. ***

The broken links will be fixed as time allows.



***Someone asked: I’m curious why this blog has changed its name from beyond meds to bipolar blast. Did I miss a post about why that happened? The website is kind of confusing now.

I get these sorts of questions all the time as I’ve come in and out of intensive work on this site.  Sometimes people are quite rude…like they own the site. I don’t have much patience with this anymore. It seems very few people consider the work involved in keeping up a site such as this.

My response was this:

there is no name change – it remains Everything Matters: Beyond Meds. and this is the original URL because it costs money to pay for a URL that doesn’t belong to WordPress. When I start being compensated for the vast quantity of work I’ve done I might pay for the upkeep of this site agian. Until then this is the original URL. If you’d like to make a donation towards that end there are several places to do that. I require a living wage.

it’s confusing because it needs upkeep. Pay me for it…or suggest it to someone else who can afford to pay me. 

so, yeah. feel free to support this site if you feel so moved. thank you.  —   Paypal

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