Defunding the police and mental health “care” …

I just discovered that defund the police is at least in part being supported because people believe Mental Health Services are actually safer than the police. Unfortunately when drugs are used to chemically restrain people it’s really not much better than being shot at.

At this juncture I’d rather be shot at. I’m not exaggerating I’m sorry if that’s offensive to some people, but its true. There are lots of passively aggressive insanely violent mental health workers who just love shooting people up with neurologically damaging drugs.

People don’t want to hear what’s happening to those of us who’ve actually experienced this. I’ve been brutalized by cops in the name of mental health and I’ve been shot up with drugs and thrown into isolation in the mental health system. Violent unnecessary BS and standard care. (for those who would now discredit me, I’ve spent far longer a time as a social worker in the system watching the violence as a professional….which is why I now speak out)

If you’re not aware of this it’s time you come to understand. Mental “health” care is violent and destabilizing much of the time and it’s widely denied. Coercion, subtle or otherwise, is the rule in psychiatric care…if you want more info there is a lot on this site.

Please share what you learn as widely as possible. Do it in your own words and use any site you come across if you don’t want to use this one. Just get the info out there.

The bigotry and violence directed at those determined to be mentally unfit is off the charts and largely unrecognized in mainstream society.

Black people have it worse than white people do in the system…this is not a deflection from #BlackLivesMatter. Most mental health professionals are in denial and go along with the violence. We must be aware of these embedded patriarchal systems if we hope to protect the most vulnerable in our society.

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3 thoughts on “Defunding the police and mental health “care” …

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  1. Where is the data on “most mental health professionals are in denial and go along with the violence”?


    1. it’s my experience as a mental health professional who has worked with 100s of folks…there are pockets of somewhat more enlightened folks…but I worked in them actually and they were still really bad. I write my experience. No need to agree with it if you don’t


  2. You have written the truth here. This “protocol”, if we may call it that, runs through everything in this society and is so engrained it appears that people don’t see it at all. At one time my mother attempted suicide by OD’ing on whatever pills her doctor had given her for whatever she thought she had. I took her to the ER, she was transferred to a small psych hospital, where they immediately? gave her more of the same stuff she’d just tried to kill herself with. The other women in her room were Latina and shared their stories with me of being force fed meds (and back in the day? you got to take the enormous things without water! This was so you wouldn’t drown yourself, I was told). The “doctor” came in and I said, why did you drug her? she just overdosed, this is dangerous. You can imagine what he said, concluding with, you’re a very angry young woman. I said, and you sir, are a quack. I have huge respect and admiration for anyone who can come through that maelstrom and move into healing themselves.



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