Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021

What are people still reading now that I’m not publishing much anymore? Well, quite a lot really. I’m glad to know this site remains a resource.

Below are the top ten posts of the year. There is only one new post and that wasn’t written by the main author of this site. The posts that got multiple thousands of hits this year are mostly resource pages and that’s exactly how I hope this site might continue to be useful.

I will be publishing my new material elsewhere this coming year. This site will remain an archive and may on occasion have new posts when something I or someone else writes is very much on topic. Most of my posts from the last couple of years aren’t particularly interesting to those who are still coming off drugs so this will remain a resource that is specific to psych drugs, psychiatry and critique of systems of care while my more philosophical musings and other social justice interests etc will go elsewhere (I will share information so that you can find me when it’s ready). Thank you for following all this time.

May we all continue to heal and grow. Happy New Year.


In memory, with love, Yasmina Ykelenstam of “Healing Histamine”

Waking After a Lifetime: Ingrid’s Voice

Psychiatric drug withdrawal information and resources

Lamictal (lamotrigine) redux: a collection


“The biggest mistake I ever made was…going to see a psychiatrist” (Stevie Nicks)

Have you considered histamine intolerance associated with psych drug use and withdrawal?

Healing “psychosis”: stories, information and resources

Drug free healing from depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc

5 thoughts on “Goodbye 2020 Hello 2021

Add yours

    1. Healing never ends! If one is alive and conscious and interested in honestly seeing reality, than they are healing. There is no cure for the human condition. Nice to see you Helen.


  1. Good to see you are still going, still publishing internet “magazines”.

    Flagpole Sitta
    Harvey Danger

    I’m not sick but I’m not well
    And it’s a sin to live so well
    I wanna publish ‘zines
    And rage against machines

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Some of us are reading “books” – the one in front of me is “Do Something Beautiful for God” – the essential teachings of Mother Theresa. It’s pretty good.

      Liked by 1 person


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