First post on new site: follow me there if you like. This site is an archive. Very occasional very on topic posts may continue.

An alternate view (mental health)

or check out the homepage which has a couple of posts from here on it too. The site is still under-construction but I will start posting.

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Oh! I will continue to post very much on topic critiques of the mental health system etc here. Will Hall is likely to be posting something in the next few days! Will’s work is always wonderful as I’m sure most of you know. My new work is venturing into areas many who need this site for drug withdrawal and an intro to critiques of mental health systems don’t relate to … and it feels like a new site is warranted for that material. This site will remain a resource that is specific to psych drugs, psychiatry and critique of systems of care while my more philosophical musings and other social justice interests etc will go elsewhere. Thank you. Love you all.

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