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Today, however, I thought I’d share my latest review on Google (there are only two total). A local business owner of a so-called healing establishment pulled a typical highly tone-deaf move for which he earned a google review. I always share my letters to professionals and this is somewhat in the same vein.

Breathe It In Salt Rooms:

I’m a social worker who has worked with marginalized and highly traumatized people for over 30 years. I also have my own trauma that I’ve been healing which is pretty much off the charts. I am a highly sensitive human being who has dedicated my life to helping those most cut off from society heal their trauma. I can do this because I have similar amounts of trauma but have been lucky enough to find a spouse and friends who love and see me and thus support me. I still have a lot of work to do. I have found that most professionals are not prepared to work with the most traumatized folks in society.

Unfortunately Breathe It In is typical in this regard.

I had a radical negative reaction to their negative ion room. This was validated to be a reaction from the ions by both the woman owner and one of their employees. I also did some research and it seems extreme detox reactions can, indeed, occur while also unusual.

My situation is not normal and I don’t expect it to be so when I told the male owner about what happened my intent was to simply let him know so that he might better serve others. Instead he got defensive and started talking at me about what was “normal..”I told him I’m not normal…I think that maybe he might want to learn what the full spectrum of possibilities are so that he can best serve everyone who comes in. He continued getting defensive and then I also raised my voice…

When people refuse to hear the experience of those most traumatized they are committing retraumatizing behavior.

I told one of his employees about what happened a few days earlier and we had a fascinating conversation about the nature of the body and trauma. I wasn’t being hostile at all. When he got defensive I went on the offense because traumatized people are hurt again and again exactly by people like this. I had to leave and won’t be going back. I’m so sorry when stuff like this happens.

*of note: I had prepaid sessions and he refused to reimburse me claiming it was “non-refundable.” He also demanded that I leave.


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